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Phraxitrix Sadida Lvl 194 Nox
Solvinix Cra Lvl 192 Nox
Navera Eniripsa Lvl 189 Nox
Jaxik Foggernaut Lvl 138 Nox
Avrona Ecaflip Lvl 135 Nox
Lejal Eliotrope Lvl 126 Nox
Afuna Iop Lvl 6 Nox
Phraxitrix Huppermage Lvl 1 Remington

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I was testing to see if the diurnal butterflies skill did more collision damage than normal if you knocked someone back into a wall by two cells instead of one cell. I found out that the astrub kitty I was fighting was losing AP instead of taking additional collision damage. He would pop up "resist" most of the time, but I would occasionally see "-1 AP" flash up. He would get the force of will buff and his AP would read "5/6". I think this is a bug, because on the live servers, the knockback does...
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Hello, I'm am an English speaker in Mainland Europe for a student exchange program. I wanted to ask an Ankama'ian if there were any real life events happening in the future.