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By Rakaki - 2018-10-26 09:40:34 in General Discussion
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Okay, so just got the vampyro pack and the question is simple: Where are the evolutions of Wagnar as stated in the pack description ?

I mean, it does say '1 Infinite card' in the pack, but it also says: Incuding an Infinite Wagnar, Vampyro (and his evolutions).

Why is it so unclear ? Did I miss something !
By Rakaki - 2017-03-14 15:09:32 in General Discussion
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Even if Krosmaga is a fun way for me to have a quick Wakfu dose here and there, I'm always interested to chat with friendly stranger (in a non creepy way) and because I'm not really into adding all the random players I come accross in fights, I thought it might be nice to add those who hang out on the forum to my friend list. Usually those are the fun players (or the horribly complaining ones... I don't want you guys!).

Feel free to add me ingame: Rakaki. As far as history is concerned, I was a...
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I read somewhere before playing Krosmaga that if I logged in with my Steam login and password, I would link with my Wakfu account. I had no problem connecting to Krosmaga with these details without having to create an ankama account, however they don't seem to be linked. I didn't receive the gift on Wakfu from entering the giftcode and when clicking on my name on the forum, I cannot see my Wakfu characters.

Anyone has any info on that?

Sorry if this topic is misplaced, couldn't find the 'Questions'...