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Aradia Shadowheart Sram Lvl 100 Rubilax
Yuno Bloodyrose Rogue Lvl 95 Rubilax
Yuno Bloodhand Sacrier Lvl 87 Rubilax
REM-Cinder Fall Iop Lvl 78 Rubilax
Yuno Soultearer Eniripsa Lvl 7 Rubilax

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yea, so, what is better for end game pve, single target air/earth (fire for buff) or earth fire distance, ignoring air. is there a simple answer, like general consensus or is this debatable? I kinda enjoy both styles equally, and I am searching the optimal one. this far I dont know much anything about end game. if this matters at all, I am not looking best clear times, I mostly wanna make my rogue girl being able to take on the strongest things this game has to offer ;p so, does this mean I gravitate...
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yea. I know the black crow harness is from kelba, for completing everything there, am I right? can gob warchief only be bought with real money, or is there some other way?
how to get the boowolf mount? not the "look me I am a focking christmas tree bling blong" almanax thing, but the normal boowolf with some flavor, ranged melee aoe or st, u know.
if there is a post already soz, I did not find it, so, feel free to delete this and point me to thread with this info, if possible ;P yes yes I can find...
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This is kinda a silly question for most players, but is there some places where people gather? I have some serious issues to find people to play with on remington. alot of times there is people killing monks or few peeps on sadida island or kelba or places like this, and usually I find some nice people to level and do stuff with, but then, next day they just seem to play some other time than me, or are just afk, and finding people is kinda pain in the ass. cos it is not fun to do stuff alone, and...