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Member since 2014-08-09


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-03-15


Quaterna Cra Lvl 131 Remington
Quinia Masqueraider Lvl 131 Remington
Tapani Pandawa Lvl 131 Remington
Terzi Iop Lvl 131 Remington
Temlav Xelor Lvl 131 Remington

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The guild formerly known as Feline on Remington has been renamed Aurora borealis and is looking for active players. Many of our formerly active players haven't signed on for over a year and have been expelled. Guild main language is English (bad or better). Also Finnish speaking players are welcome. The guild is now level 6. Quests, dungeons, achievements, crafting, what ever your passion please join us. 
In-game contacts: Quaterna, Quinia, Tapani, Terzi, Temlav