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By Raheru - 2022-10-28 20:18:15 in General Discussions
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Let's list what they talked about relating to Wakfu.

Mono server: Second half of 2023. A long wait but worth it.

Anyone else have more information?
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Well designed: Highly effective; these classes don't need support to be effective.
OK: Effective but limited to their roles as DPS, Positioner, Supporter, etc
Outdated: Afterthought classes. Very slow and uninspired; only a portion of their spells are used and are outclassed by classes that can heal really well like Osamodas.What's your tier list like? What do you suggest to bring the rest of the classes to the well designed classes like osamodas, sacrier, feca, and sram?
By Raheru - 2022-10-07 20:23:58 in Sadida
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Why I argue Sadida should be the next job in line to get a revamp.
We get it, people like the shields and heals. But even right now other jobs are shielding and healing really well. Even the new Osamodas does a pretty good job at shielding and healing. Those two aspects of the game aren't extra-ordinary anymore.

But what about summoning? What presence do dolls have in the game's gameplay?
What about control in gear? Is it something that's going to be phased out or artificially added to gear for...