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By RahRaw - 2016-09-22 08:53:00 in Sadida
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What are your opinions on each sadida type? Int/Cha, Str/Int, Str/Cha or any others.

Any pros or cons you think of for each type?

I use to be full Str then changed into Cha/Int but i like the damage as Str. I'm 190 now and getting to 200 theres pretty much no point NOT to multi stat. What are your opinions on each type so I can decide for myself which one might be best for me.
By RahRaw - 2016-04-25 09:16:24 in Sadida
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Going through Sadida spells and I was trying to see the difference when you level up Tree of Life but there is no difference when you click on the rank, same AP: 2 Range: 1-63, Number of turns between two casts: 3.

Can someone explain the difference in level?