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By RagingWolves - 2018-11-16 19:52:53 in General Discussions
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Im having a hard time to choose, if i should play Wakfu or dofus. I really like both mmos very much and i do have a lot of memories and nostalgia with it. But after i start playing Dofus, after 3 days i just want to play Wakfu. Its crazy i know, but sadly thats my personality. (Like being unsure what class to choose, lol kinda embarassing...) :/ I really like to play Osa in wakfu more than in dofus, but people keep telling its a dead game and wont be good in the future like dofus.. 

It would...
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Hey, i started really to like wakfu and i tried all the classes but feca is one of the most awesome class for me . The only problem is i searched a bit in the class forum and i really got confused with the builds and stats and i dont know which elements fit the most. can someone help me to get closer with these informations?
i thought about a earth/water build but im not sure...