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I have a problem which i cant figure out to solve. When im trying to run dofus the connection is just really bad. I get that hourglass symbol on the top and it just gets laggy and delayed. When im in fight its the same problem i need to wait really long to get to the next turn because of that connection issue. My connection isnt bad..really. I can play other mmos without any problem with the connection.

Anyone know how to solve this pls?
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I just started recently on the mono account server. I used to Play on Echo, but that was a long time ago. Im a Lvl 23 Eni at the moment and decided to go the Int/Cha path. I thought it would be cool to join an Englishspeaking/International guild, but it wasnt too easy, because the most People on ilyzaelle speak French xD. Im just looking for a Chill and Casual Guild which enjoy to do some Pvp, kolo and Group dungeons and so on. 

My IGN is: Souldex

Thx in advance