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YourRussianFriend|2019-10-29 15:00:49The ticket number is #2438479

I am using the Ankama Launcher. The Launcher itself starts normal but when I click on Play at Dofus 2, I need to wait approximately 30 seconds until the game appears while Dofus Retro appears instantly. But When It's loading, a specific file doesn't load.
The file is : //data/i18n/i18n_fr.d2i
Then it's getting stuck at 56%

The support told me do the following things:
- Restart the Launcher;
- Make sure that the Launcher is completely...
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the 3-D secure is active, i can use them at other places but at dofus its rejected or not confirmed. i've tried to sub once a week every single week from january till now. and its still not working

Mr-Vader|2015-05-21 23:32:01Just thought I would add that I can verify that the Amazon "Dofus Starter Pack[Online Game Code]" will work on accounts that are not new. Go to Amazon and search "dofus" it will be the first entry. I did this for our family's four accounts last night.

I had to buy one starter...
62 8440
its been 5 or 6 months from my last sub, and i still trying all methods to pay the sub but there are no payment method that i can use.
I tried credit card and it always rejected it always says "there is no payment registered in this transaction". i used to sub with zong/boku .

so please ankama, at least give us back boku/zong or maybe paypal so people can start playing dofus again..

Thank you very much for what you have done so far. i'm looking forward to it. thx