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Elradoman Rogue Lvl 200 Remington
Tavros Nitram Osamodas Lvl 130 Remington
Mayradoji Eliotrope Lvl 50 Remington
Harambee Iop Lvl 41 Remington
Elrado Rogue Lvl 25 Nox
Elcaro Rogue Lvl 6 Phaeris
Elradoman Rogue Lvl 1 Phaeris

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This thread is a continuation to the thread regarding the comparison of these two relics build around on xelor,i decided to make a new thread as the discussion on the mentioned thread started concerning the comparison between the two relics on osamodas,foggernaut and eliotropes.if you feel a bit lost i invite you to check that thread

for the osamodas,boowolf fang on dragon form's way worthyer than whimp+scarcely wing,because not only its a potential aoe attack,but it also increase the summon's...
By RaderElcaroman - 2017-07-19 18:16:11 in Trade
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more informations: it drops from the ethernal boss during amber stele 1%
amber stele: Ashdragon generate deathclouds starting from his second phase 

i accept any rarity of the epaulettes

Pm Elradoman/Leeona/Legoliinhas in game if you wish to contact me