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1 2014
Oy you bootyful people :p

As your current ecologist, I have worked on the many things that got "rebalanced" across Sufokia's environment. I sacrificed my free time fixing and restabilizing the gauges of most areas, ALL ALONE BY MYSELF!!!

Here I'd like you to update with the changes YOU can make or suggest and to put my summary of what has been kept, and what should be kept, AND what I recommend to see in those areas.

NOTE: These changes I made occured between 8 AM and 10 AM Server Time

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Oy there, you lovely people!

Let me introduce myself: I am The-Grudge, new leader of Phantom Code. I am desperate in keeping our guild as alive as it used to be in the past with our previous leader, Wetrew, who is taking a break to focus more on school, and so, it is on my behalf and on my lead to make Phantom Code a nice and social guild for everyone to enjoy.

Here in Phantom Code, you'll be meeting the elites, the lvl 100+ members, who would be extremely glad to help those of you who are underleveled,...