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Eniripsa Lvl Omega 94 Echo
Sacrier Lvl 199 Echo
Ad Astra per Aspera
Ecaflip Lvl 196 Echo
Eliotrope Lvl 99 Echo
Ad Astra per Aspera
Sram Lvl 45 Ilyzaelle
Sacrier Lvl 42 Ilyzaelle

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(quote Gunnerwolfang) XD

"elite" players are just players who have 4/8 characters, where 3 of them are those 3 pillar classes. and now they can't "easy win" without one of them..
(because I've seen very worst players having those team and passing those dungeons easilly..)

I uderstand if the powerplayers can obtain new and strong items before the others (just like the restriction of new items to complete certain dungeons)
but a thing was "late" and a thing was "never". do you think you could continue...
174 16796
Revil-Nunor|2015-02-13 19:34:07
but PLEASE let "normal" people can continue to play dofus, and decrease the difficulty of that dungeons. Ask [lichen] his thoughts. It may be he doesn't want "normal" people to be able to do some stuff without a lot of sweat and tears being involved.
to "normal" people I mean those persons (like me) who appreciate plaiyng dofus with other persons, and using his main character also if is not a masq/yop/panda.
And I think the only "good strategy" to made thos dungeons...
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Ankama forced us to use a f.....g combination of (pricipally) 3 class. Why? Because 90% of final dungeons mobs/bosses gain power in a lower hp, or just can be hitted only in a certain turns. I've done few of this dungeons without this team, and I've spitted blood, dying and dying so many times. but the others are relaly not possible without this combination.
this is not like the kimbo "we need a manipulator" or a peki "we need who deal heavy status". NO! "we need masqueraider, yop, and pandawa!"...