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Sacrier Lvl Omega 55 Echo

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she have 9900 vit at lvl200 pretty much impossible to kill for a feca in 3 turns and she becomes invisible i made sure my idols are off and looked around the internet i found a video thats 2 year old
in that video she does aroung 300+dmg poisen and use push back spells
for me she rarely use her pushback spell
Scram hunter keep spamming 
Srambad Huntress casts Toxinistros. Critical Hit!
Srambad Huntress casts Toxinistros.
Srambad Huntress casts Toxinistros. 
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I hope this topic is not useles beause i'm not 100% sure that they removed but i asked some people and they forgot about it but they know what i mean and i'm sry if i'm wrong if its still the there the extra spell bar i. Was searching like 30mins to find it but nope and i apoligize about my bad english

What i want to accomplish is to get the extra spell bar back if they removed it will if they removed it why it was realy handy

I started playing dofus 1.29 there was the option to use extra spell...