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In cooperation and support with Youbutsu and the Under the Edge team on Henual, we have created Under the Edge on Eratz!

It's a haven of rest for English speakers on Eratz and is the only active English guild that I'm aware of at this time (Apologies if I'm incorrect).

My goals for the guild are:Create an English driven guild and community on Eratz Level professions so that guild mates have access to English speaking professionals Have communication with our sister guild on Henual for camaraderie...
By RMT - 2019-04-04 23:52:03 in DOFUS Retro
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Just like the title says, there's a new wiki in town.  My buddy, "Ikarushka", and I have copied in 570 pages, images, templates, etc... over the course of a week and change. 

I must say, it has come together nicely!  But there's plenty more work to do. 

Recipes are there (need reviewed by level 100s), dungeons are there, bosses are there, tree locations, ore/mine locations, plant locations, most of the main stuff you may seek out.

We'll continue to progress over time, so feel free to bookmark!

By RMT - 2018-09-02 03:28:13 in General Discussion
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For all us old timers, let's play a game with a trip down memory lane.  "Do you remember when?"  I'd like to recall all the things I forgot from the mid-2000s.  I'll start and add yours!

Do you remember when...
-Weapon skills were +60% base damage (IIRC?)?
-Xelors counter truly reflected damage that didn't damage you?
-Rambo was training on trolls day and night to get to 200?

Your turn!