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I keep coming back to Dofus Touch and check if there is more than one alliance with conquest control on the map. As for Dodge, only one alliance controls every region of Dofus (HUE alliance).

I was a player before alliances so I am unfamiliar but to me it seems that is a bad thing? I understand that they probably join one alliance so chatting is easier. This seems like a good thing, but when you realize the cause is because there are too few players, then it seems bad.

So what do you think about...
By RHOrains - 2016-12-12 22:13:33 in Miscellaneous
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And Grandapan, too..

I am an English-speaking player and can't find anyone to play with on Dodge. I post in /r a lot but get no replies most of the time. Just wondering if I'm in the wrong regions when looking for players (I usually try at Gobbal Corner and Cania). 

Thank you..

Rho-Rho on Dodge
By RHOrains - 2016-12-12 22:08:23 in Guilds & Alliances
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Hey I hope this forum is the best place to post, I haven't checked Impsvillage but I assume they aren't covering Touch.

I am a 55 panda on Dodge. I started when Touch was released but lately I haven't been on much because I don't like playing solo. I check in once a day to feed my pet and I go to Gobbal Corner zaap or Cania zaaps and post in /r trying to find someone to level with. It never works. I feel like I am literally the only player on the server. I even go to Frigost thinking maybe that's...