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I know i am not speaking for everyone but I speak for myself and hopefully more people like me. First of all here is a little background of myself .. I LOVE dofus. I have played this game for 10+ years (started way back in 1.29)I have quit and returned several times due to IRL. I'm an older player who works a full time job and Dofus has been a "go-to" place to relax and escape real life. I've made tons of friends some of whom are part of my IRL now. I've dabbled in streaming, a youtube channel, tumbler,...
By QueenofChaos27 - 2017-10-22 11:40:42 in Ecaflip
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I've created one on the Mono-account server and haven't played one in many many MANY years.... what are my build options? I know that is a loaded question but i am searching for a build that gets me all the way to end game, is good in pvm & kolo, and end game dungeons etc. Way back when I played a full INT eca but i'm sure that has changed since. Any help is appreciated! thanks
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There was an option where I was able to buy ogrines via "other payment options" aka a CVS gift card or other various ones.... What happened???? Took away paypal NOW gift cards......great...Now i am unable to buy anything .............