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By QueenofChaos27 - 2017-01-10 13:06:20 in Your Decks
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So i've fallen in love with sram's gameplay but I feel like they get the short stick on damage spells...They have some where you have to banish cards to inflict damage but that kind of stinks when you can't use them until later on. Like I have played a few games where I had to give my dofus up very short in the game due to the fact I couldn't do anything about the rush...For example: Was playing vs an Iop and he rushed using his +1ap first strike summon-then he buffed it and I literally couldn't...
By QueenofChaos27 - 2017-01-04 03:44:12 in General Discussion
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Ya'll I am getting SO upset! These prism curses are just getting to me so bad! I have added the bandits & other cards that destroys and/or picks up prisms to my decks and most of the time i have horrible luck and do not draw them until its too  late...occasionally i will have a lucky strike and get them. I am so tired of losing games all the time just because of those STUPID CURSES! Today for example I have lost most of my games  because my opponent curse killed the final dofus It just gets...
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So before the recent balance patch that was released-- I used my dofus kamas to buy ogrines and then bought kamas to buy packs on Krosmaga-- did they take out that option or? I can't seem to be able to now for some reason...