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Qreav Sacrier Lvl 122 Remington
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This is a personal project I did just for fun and to practise animation, but I figured that if I were to do one of these, it would be from the Wakfu/dofus universe, a franchise that has been dear to me for over 10 years. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it to.

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TL;DR: Can you use Ankama's music for fan animations?

Hello, I'm currently doing a personal animation project, sort of a fan-animation to the World of the Twelve universe, and I'm nearing it's end.

As for a soundtrack, since Ankama's music is so unique in style, its hard to find anything similiar to it, and I thought it would be a neat way to pay homeage to the game(s) I've enjoyed since I was in middle school over a decade ago.

The problem is that the music is copyrighted, but either way, I was...
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Not sure what to call this title, but either way, since there is no way to report others of their copyright infringement on youtube, and no direct way to contact Ankama about this, I figured I might as well just post on the forums. Here is a link to the playlist, so feel free to take it down: