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By Qriev - 2018-04-30 03:51:12 in General Discussion
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The reward card is really nice.

The quest is not. The quest is literally the same as the "Brotherhood of the Tofu" quest we had a few weeks back.
Of course, playing seeds is a sort of viable strategy, but still, the quest is really boring. I didnt have too much problem with this, since I usually play Sadida semi-focused on seeds for Chimeras, also it doesnt take to long to complete. Sure, it, just as the "BhotT" quest changes up the gameplay, but not really for the better.

I remember in that thread...
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Why is "Ush" not a "Brotherhood of the forgotten?
He clearly is part of it.

And is there any chance we'll ever get the Demi-God sacrier (who were not even mentioned in the series.. ;_; I love Sacriers)?
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It's nothing really gamebreaking, but its a bug nonetheless so I'll just leave it here: