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I'd be weary about it. Just as a warning,  Ankama doesn't have a good history of listening to player-testers who aren't french. 
 They did a Enutrof Revamp in wakfu not to long ago, nabbed a bunch of people known to play Enotrofs from the international community, then mostly ignored them and pushed the mess they had live with little changed.  
 Granted this is a different team, and Krosmaga is still small and manageable compared to 200 levels of dungeons, spells, and balancing of a character...
By BootsyGarbGarb - 2018-01-21 03:04:06 in General Discussion
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7 rounds was far too long, the games usually ended before the necro went off. 5 was much too sure, 6 is kind of that "oh s***" sweet spot. 
Most gods only have around 4 total necro cards they can have in their deck as one is usually a krosmic. Every necro provides 1 orb, 2 if you reveal a dofus. To get a golden orb you got to fuse 3 orbs (which is a lot of hand real estate, especially tempting not to use that DD). You need 2 golden orbs to get a Necronomigore. So minimally you have to play 3 of...
By Shatae - 2018-01-17 19:00:39 in General Discussion
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So this. I don't stream, but sometimes I really wish I did. Running into the next room and reciting all the awesome my match just was to my brother who doesn't really understand to begin with just isn't as exciting as showing him. There was a match I accidentally necronomigored somebody with the cra deck that just happened to get all 3 necros in my starting hand. Everything went so smoothly, but it's just in my head.