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Zip Eniripsa Lvl 189 Remington
Zippi Masqueraider Lvl 3 Dathura
Lahute Xelor Lvl 1 Remington

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I know that many of you have heard of Wakfu Asia, and some of you are sad to see us Asian and South Pacific friends move there, but if you could help us out by liking the official Wakfu Asia (APAC) facebook page:
Click here
If we reach 30,000 likes, then everyone playing Wakfu Asia in the CBT gets a snazzy Pioneer Costume!!

It's not compulsory But any help is greatly appreciated

Have a great day!
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I have spent an absolute age on the Remmington server. I think the time has come for me to take my leave. For those of you who know me as Zip or Pyra I thank you for all the laughs, smiles and challenges we faced together. For those of you who don't I'm sorry I never got to meet your wonderful faces

I'd like to recap with a little history, feel free to ignore it.
I started off in 2008, in the French closed beta. Running around trying to figure everything out, constantly translating things but still...
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I've noticed something on the forums lately, and among my personal friends too. Nobody seems to be getting a reply back for their secret answer even if they have provided the correct details and photographic evidence proving their existence and ownership of the account.

So I ask, how many of you are actually still waiting?

I think the longest record I've seen was two months, the next was a month and a half, to me this would imply that maybe none of the tickets sent for secret answers have been...