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By Pwning-Player - 2018-02-06 16:30:53 in Suggestion Box
1 298
As we all know every class can do a load of damage these brain pure power..Would be lovely if items got a vitality boost..considering youguys are only buffing damage and no hp.Would make fights a lot more intresting and harder for cras to simply rape you from distance
3 724
So this game is really getting worse and worse since cras are making it generic...same thing all day over and over .hit and run hit and run....every dungeon is being spammed by bunch of cra/enu teams...killing the economy..killing the pvm fun where you actually have to fight monsters..killing in kolosseum since all maps are high your solutions to this problem here.Thank you
By Pwning-Player - 2017-04-16 20:20:23 in Huppermage
6 1794
When you created this class did you even think about the power you gave them?Shield/Unb/Resis/jump/Steal hp/Elemental Weakness+A dmg which only cras can do on that range..You guys combined all classes to one classs which is now dominating the game.Everyone complaining about cras/ecas .These classes aquire a lot of kamas to make them OP.I do understands Cras are a bit overpowered now but a Hupper can do 1500 dmg on the same range as a cra..