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By Purger - 2009-05-19 17:49:21 in Suggestion Box
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I dunno,it's just so funny that ankama doesn't bother to polish their old system, but instead they totally remake new one. People have asked reroll option for items (in form of dungeon or as good kama "hole") i mean how hard it can be ? but no, they give us 1.27 that is fast as tofu turd and big as trool.

no more 10% stat loss... yeii, but how can that when i try add critical hit or damages it takes 50%

it didn't have great stats so i don't cry after it, but one critical hit removed 90vitality,...
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So you get xp from how many stat point you put.
example. +1str to your shiny weapon= 1xp . This means that you need only 590.000(real number would be 1-2mk) runes to finish one profession. And no, item lvl doesn't seem to count. and whats the point anyway since lvl1 magus cant't mage lvl100 item.

oh sorry it's 1xp per rune pa/ra doesn't make any difference...

How bout having 2month beta next time ?

post your experiences about this.