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Hey guys, im speaking about Dodge, and i cant understand why farmer, fisherman and others are so devaluate. does your time has not value? for example, farmers spend a lot of time, is a profession with short material reappearance and they must be more concentrated in the game more then other professions.

Im minner, my profession devaluate it when there are a lot of bots (for example, iron x100 is normally in 4.500, with bots, 2300).

Ant that is not only for collecting professions, a lot of objects...
By Puppenspiel - 2020-05-19 17:43:53 in Oficios
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Hola chicos! Alguno sabe dónde conseguir la caña para Pischi? (No para Pischi mágico), También... saben cómo pescar los peces que están "muy lejos"? Tengo la caña larga, pero parece más corta que la corta
By Puppenspiel - 2020-05-06 19:42:20 in Miscellaneous
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Hello! a few days ago I saw a group of Sadidas overlapping one after another on the outskirts of Astrub on their way to the mine; now, this is the second time I have seen this one, which has all the characteristics of a bot, in the mine of 1, 32 and its surroundings, what can be done about it? We all know how negative this is for trade, etc.

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