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Simmyx Cra Lvl 200 Rubilax
Renex Sevaro Masqueraider Lvl 200 Rubilax
Loren Roux Feca Lvl 200 Rubilax
Enurenex Enutrof Lvl 192 Rubilax
Cyanex Osamodas Lvl 187 Rubilax
Steamex Foggernaut Lvl 182 Rubilax
Ferex Sram Lvl 179 Rubilax
Lucienex Ecaflip Lvl 52 Rubilax

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By PunkSimon - 2019-10-27 14:27:20 in Fan Art
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Hey! It's been a while since I played the game, though I might slowly get back into it. However, I never stopped drawing wakfu characters :3 so I thought, maybe I could share some of my arts here! It's been a while since my last art thread in 2015, and I have progressed a lot since then.

My friend and I in our main classes  
Derek vs ShielGlacier and Derek in a Chillberg caveVarrick vs Derek 
(Varrick belongs to my friend)Chalsea vs ShielLoren the FecaAltair and the Crimson DofusGifts for my Sram...
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Shiel slowly raised his eyelids and blinked a few times. Everything was blurry for a couple of seconds, and then his sight slowly started to sharpen. He looked around, without moving his head. Everything was white. The bed sheets, the walls, the curtains. His hearing sense started to enhance, he could hear the sounds of piwis and tofus outside of the open window. He slowly turned his head to the left and he saw through a window in the wall people passing by. One of them stopped, looked in his direction...
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Charging at the door Shiel bursted through the doors of the throne room gliding in the air with a hexa-shield in his arm as a battering ram. Shards and pieces of the door fell to the ground and Shiel slided across the floor regaining his footing with his head faced down. He looked up to see Grace laying across the throne. She lazily opened her eyes unconcerned about the sudden intrusion. Shiel’s and Grace’s eyes locked.
“Grace, it’s all your fault!!" Shiel yelled outraged at the top of his...