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Had this discussion starting on another thread ...What is the point of aggro monsters other than frustration? I really have no idea myself.

I believe that all aggro monsters should just be removed...with the exception of Militia in the 2 main cities.

It will make peoples lives easier, more fun...less frustrating, and all in all...the point of a have fun. I really don't think I have seen anyone object in anyway to this, if you want to object, go for it...I would like to hear the complaints...
By Psychomantiss - 2011-05-24 01:32:27 in Rushu
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My Wife and I are both after Moon Hammer for our agility alts

She is an Agility Cra, I'm an Agility Rogue...both in our 50's

We need someone, or a group of people to help us get the Moon Hammer spell...take us through it all...we are willing to pay a good amount of money (make us an offer) for it

Thank You

PM. Psychomantisss, Sadistt, Fetisdolli, or TheKillerEni for details...or just post here