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Woif Eliotrope Lvl 181 Remington
Bestbito Iop Lvl 178 Remington
Miaukai Feca Lvl 178 Remington
Star Guardian Shorshi Cra Lvl 93 Remington
The Rebeel Sadida Lvl 65 Remington
Fak Mai Laif Sram Lvl 18 Remington
Shorshi Chan Rogue Lvl 11 Elbor
Connie-Chan Sram Lvl 3 Elbor

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Please contact me here before midnight (game time) or after midnight ingame (Woif)

UPDATE: I'm online now, and will be for a while, just PM me to Woif if you wanna sell me those eppa
By ProdigalExplorer - 2018-05-23 21:54:42 in Trade
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You can offer to me here and/or you can PM me ingame (Hero name "Wóif"), I'll be online in about 3 and a half hours
By ProdigalExplorer - 2018-04-16 09:00:15 in Trade
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Hey, as the title says, I'm looking for that costume, set your price here in this thread or contact me ingame, pm to Wóif. I'll try to check here more often than I always do, I work in the morning and afternoon but you can always submit your offer here. I'll be in touch, tyvm everyone!

I'll be here at work for 3 and a half more hours, and I'll be reading the forum so you can offer in the thread. Then you can contact me either here or ingame!

EDIT: Bought, thread closed