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Anemos Iop Lvl 111 Nox
Davante Sadida Lvl 97 Nox
Ignited Kismet Ecaflip Lvl 71 Nox
Le Surgeon Masqueraider Lvl 23 Nox
Bombs Away Sacrier Lvl 1 Nox

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Just would like some help. Sadida will be using Cra gear eventually. But both Cra and sadida will play along side iop. 

Update. i just picked up hatespawn guide but im not quite sure how i can scale it to the lvl 110 lol from 200.
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Hey, i recently came back to this game. I have a 110 iop and no clue what i am doing. He was a earth iop before the apparent changes. I think i wanna lean more towards the PVE side so i can be more active in group dungeons when i return lol. I have equips of Full Moo set, rampart epps, boots, and belt a lvl 100 makabow if that's good or not not sure now lol. Any skills build directions would be great and also any help with which element to put on each gear piece would be great too! I currently have...
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