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I wanted to raise such theme too but in a more harsh manner.
Implementing unnecessary merge lead to problem with Kwismas Event achievement. Ankama solved it but it lead to another abuse.
So sad, so sad.
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It increment but after movement. Like you have 6MP, locked and need to spend 3MP to move 1 cell. You use boot, move one cell and now you have not 3 but 4MP.
Before revamp you just get 2MP for next action that is movement.
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It doesn't gain MP anymore (since revamp). New connection is giving back 1MP on next movement. So if you have 0 MP and use Boot u won't get MP back and if u have at least 1MP and will use Boot and will move after that for 1 cell, you will have 1MP still and you can move 1 cell again.