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By Priz - 2012-03-20 18:02:44 in Suggestions
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As it is now the burning state cannot stack above level 100. This means that by the time the spell is level 50 it no longer benefits from multiple mines in the AoE. By level 100 it won't even benefit from multiple hits, and with the lack of spells that can also hit in CC it makes this spell grow less useful the higher it gets.

At the minimum it should stack to level 200. It did in the beta at one time and I would hardly say that it was overpowered, especially considering the difficulty of getting...
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Ok, Fire Enu is probably one of the most underplayed class/builds in the game, which is a shame because there is great potential there. I think one way of adding to that potential would be to get rid of the worst spell they have in Firedamp Explosion and replace it with a simple 1 range spell that has a 1 or 2 cell pushback.

There are pretty severe restrictions and conditions on all of the fire enu's spells forcing them to try to kite while always staying somewhat close because of the very limited...