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Hi Ankama,

some months ago I posted a couple of topics in Technical Reports hoping you could solve my problem. I can't use any type of living item, no Livitinem set, no Parasymbic set, no Alyverol set, no Shushivin set, no nothing. Because it can't be associated/dissociated to any object and I can't even feed it (disabled buttons). Also, how I spent my money buying this items in the Game shop with Goultines I can't even sell it because it's linked to my account since six months ago, then the full...
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Hi Ankama,
somedays ago I posted a topic in the forum (Bug Reports) because I can't use any type of livitinem item. However, you never answered.
So, I send a message to Ankama Support and they ask me to contact to our Community Manager to solve my problem.

I hope you can fix my problem this time, thanks.

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Ankama Support answer: 
REQUEST #2039505

Thank you for contacting us and apologies for...
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27th October 2017 (01:00 GTM+2)

I did just buy a livitinem ring and a livitinem amulet in the shop (with real money) but I can’t feed and/or dissociate it. The same thing happend some days ago when I bought the same items to another player inside the game. I thought the item was the problem but now I realize the problem it’s me. I tried to fix it deleting and reinstalling the game but it didn’t work. I hope you can fix this problem.


By the way, the bug happens all the...