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By Presicixn - 2014-01-21 20:19:22 in Iop
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I have a 188 Iop and it is vitality base. Im not sure what element I want it to be but im looking towards strength, Im not sure what I should do and how I should set it.

Also is strength a good idea?

Thanks (All Input is Welcome)
By Presicixn - 2013-12-31 09:10:29 in Suggestion Box
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Strength Nerf

In this thread I would like people to discuss their views on how strength characters have had to adapt to changes in strength classes.
These include all strength chars but also putting emphasis on Iop and Sram. Many people disagreed with the fact that Swords could not be used more than once, traps have been changed and overall strength damage had been supposedly reduced.

How do you feel about this?