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By TheBreezer - 2012-01-07 19:34:33 in Ecaflip
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mmm int ecas ftw. sometimes I feel like I use my int spells more than any of my other ones, they so prime  
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What a truly elegant way to say as long as they get payed, important, difficult change is unlikely to occur. That somehow, treating customers well is completely against the french paradigm, and that simply because the english community isnt, at this point in time, the largest community, means we have nearly no say at all on how things are run.

While I'm sorry to hear this, I still support what zenith is here for, keep it up guys.
By Aital - 2012-07-12 10:51:48 in Enutrof
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Class sets tbh, have no place in endgame play.

The damage you calcuclated was unfortunately wrong, i wish you could get a 600 coins... XD i do. coins would do a max of like 170 damage(on a crit) in that set.

in every way it simply doesnt measure up to any decent endgame set, hell even the mid level sovereign and Ug is much more desirable.

if you want something to work for in endgame go danathor with kimbos, korri ring, omg, ougaamer, cb cloak, and plum/em. 3800 vit, 10/5 and 1/2 on 50 with a...