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I would like extra stats viewable for higher ranking guild members 2 such stats that would be helpful would be a guilldee's last login date/time. Also a guildee's time spent online during last login. And maybe a log of last 5 or 10 logins with such information.

Also appreciated would be more tools for the guild's stash.

Some kind of resource trade mechanism would be very cool.

I was thinking along the lines of you deposit X wheat seeds. Wheat is 0 tier, and extractable (that is to say a resccource...
By Potastes - 2016-06-02 16:17:44 in Suggestions
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You can harvest various grains in farmer every 10 or so levels. Then you can take the grains to a grinder. Both harvesting and grinding gives XP. THis is great for Farmer.

But what about trapper. There should be an item every 10 levels or so you can get from mobs that lets you extract from them using the right trapper skill (that is to say, NOT a drop from combat) that you can harvest, then refine. I believe this "refining" function his the reason I can level farmer so much more quickly than hunter....