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'Tis I, the renowned Dysenteric Cow. 

Unfortunately, I don't really play anymore.  but Ianthe does.  If you still have me on Steam you can message me there, or on here;  I can hook you up or harass her for you.  Or if you just want a friendly hello

I should check out what has changed in this game myself since it's been just about as long for me!
By Tdude - 2012-03-03 04:48:40 in General Discussion
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Kwismas Island being open was known, knowing it was not supposed to be, was not nearly as known. There's a difference. It's understandable to not believe (most pleads of ignorance aren't very believable), but that's how it was for most of the cases.

It's a minor infraction because we're talking individuals here; most individuals probably didn't' spend their lives there like most seem to think (not to mention, like already stated, they didn't know they couldn't be there). I didn't get any Kwismas...
By Tdude - 2012-03-03 04:48:40 in General Discussion
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Rules aren't always just. Rules should be followed in order to sustain a social contract, that's the only purpose it serves; to keep others out of harms way. In all honesty it's quite hard to make a profit from Kwismas Island (unless you're a high level multi-clienter), it's possible, but that profit is really the only harm that could possibly be done. To punish all those who talked to an NPC and crossed to Kwismas island with no hassle is bizarre. As it's been said many times, people didn't know.