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OK I was trying to determine what are the chances to get stuff in roulette and what I saw?
All of the rewards are random random. Period. The kamas placed near Gold Pack (kamas-bronze_pack-egg-gold_pack) is worth 10 kamas or 20 kamas or 30 kamas. Depends on the spin. Not even a day. I just had two spins one after another ended on the same space and the reward was different.
I thought that at least rewards are fixed to spaces but now I can see that it is totally random stuff.
Why is that? We can't...
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Will there be all of the summoned extra cards images on cards in collection and when creating a deck?
I've found a lot of cards with summoning extra card after death or else but without showing this card.
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Infinites cards are leveling pretty slowly. We can buy EXP for gold but still.
Why copy of the infinite adds only 'dust' and not extra exp to that card? EXP would be better because we can't use second infinite character at all so it will always be destroyed and the 'dust' is useless when leveling up cards.