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By Poiter-The-Beer-Tester - 2022-08-27 14:02:40 in DOFUS Retro
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I currently play on Eratz server but find it quite hard as an english speaker to find people to interact with, also the prices of everything does not help. So I am thinking of moving to Crail server. Does anyone know of a guild to join to help make the transition a little less boring? 
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im starting to get concerned with the lack of support amakna is offering to players for issues they have, i have been told to be patient and ect which i think i have done but i have an ip issue from 1 of the locations i log my accounts from which i have informed them of, they replied that they are "checking my status". This sounded great when they replied to my ticket at first within 2 hours, but now it has been 1 month and no follow up reply to my issue. is anyone else having these sort of delays...