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By Poisen-Ivy - 2010-12-30 14:47:57 in Sacrier
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You Wouldent Believe All of the guides i have read. But. Ive seen so many topics on the forum about Str Sacs and Int Ones too. Even Chance And Agit. But What About Vitality People. Hello!?! All the guides say to focus on Vitality. But i cant seem to find any Guides on wich spells to level to what, And when. What Equpment to get. And When Or Where. Im Stressing out.

Also, Is a vitality sac the right choice? Or should i make a str one. Or maybe a chance? Intelligence seems Good too and maybe even...
By Poisen-Ivy - 2010-12-27 04:55:07 in Osamodas
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Osamodas Collage! Post Your Pictures In This Thread, With no set on.~ And let me see how you picked your colors for your Osa! If you dont have an osa, and you really want to post a picture. Make one quickly. I Dont mind where the osa is standing. but make sure i can see its face! Post it on the thread to show others, How cool your osa looks.

Remember!! Dont have a set on. I need it "Naked" Lol <3

Happy Holidays!