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I like turtles
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Today I got this daily quest which has an obvious but not really important mistake, as it states (translated by me, as I play Krosmaga in Spanish) "Won 1 game with goddes Feca or god Enutrof", but instead of the god Anutrof, it shows a caricature of the god Ecaflip.

I'm not sure if this is the correct sub-forum, but I just wanted to warn about this so it can be fixed quickly, since it's really just a small mistake and it doesn't really affects gameplay.

Kind regards and happy new year,...
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Rushu's dungeons: another way to enjoy Krosmaga.

As I noticed, a lot of people has trouble with Rushu's mechanics, because of his broken AoE and silence spells, thus not enjoying the dungeons. Buying the decks isn't very useful too, as the prices are excessively high for the quantity and quality of the cards obtained (they aren't THAT good, with some exceptions, obviously). The rewards, despite being the mode itself hard and unique, aren't that good neither if you loose your dofus (15 kamas and...