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The Dora's Price is 160kk, Feudala Geta's is 210kk, and the coco blop's is 280kk.
Dora=56 Int 28 str. Feu Geta= 40 int 19 agi, and 1 mp. Coco Blop Belt=35 agi 4 wisdom 13 vit, +7 pods.
If you wish to buy all, it will only be 450kk, but only for a short while after this post. I will be online for a little while, and that's the only time the 450kk deal will be available. If I'm offline when you come, these exact items will be in the Bonta Markets.
Thanks for your time.

By Pihachu - 2010-07-01 21:21:54 in Off Topic Discussion
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Hey peeps I'm tired of using my big bro's account with all his guy avatars and specified guy account. The old Piha(bro) quit off 2.0 so I'll be using his money,items,etc to start my account(yay!). My new account as far as I'm concerned will be NaturalCherry if I can make this change all the way. Just letting my new dofus peeps know! ttyl