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Xarzys Enutrof Lvl 189 Rubilax
Xarsys Osamodas Lvl 189 Rubilax
Reign Blade Iop Lvl 189 Rubilax
Xarsys Glyph Feca Lvl 122 Rubilax
Xarkani Ouginak Lvl 104 Rubilax
Reign Word Eniripsa Lvl 98 Rubilax
Reign Arrow Cra Lvl 95 Rubilax
Xarjab Rogue Lvl 65 Rubilax
Eni The Favoured Eniripsa Lvl 1 Rubilax

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By Phraxys - 2013-03-20 15:55:05 in Enutrof
5 1593
Hi, Im XarzYs on Remington, and I need a little help with my PP water enutrof. It is my first character on release Wakfu. I have played Dofus though, and the closed and open betas for Wakfu, the first ones, and then the ones after they restarted making it.
I am only level 18, but I see how the problems I currently have could stay for much longer.

I have the Makabraspecting ring already.
I got 10 in Geology and am now going to max Treasure Tracker, and then Geology.
I am saving up for AP, although...