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By zajebacignoju - 2017-06-13 14:46:56 in Sacrier
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I'll assume, by the sub-forum we're in, that a sacrier build is the subject. Chance is the best to start with, the health steal will keep you alive. Put all your points in chance till you have it at 200, then you have a choice to make about whether to stay single element (300), go two element (250/250), or go all three (200/200/200). Fire does impressive damage, but it also damages you, so you'll have to balance it's use with chance attacks, but it is a good compliment, and the combo I use. Agility...
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Maybe make it so that a boss is no longer invulnerable unless you do some stupid prerequisite? Sure some will complain that it makes the game too easy, but that's completely within their own control. Making a boss fight easier is currently out of my hands barring a massive cash dump or a personality transplant that makes me willing to invest more effort than I care to into a video game. Making it harder for those who chose to do so is simple, use weaker equipment, use harsher idols, bar certain spells,...