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"The probability for a critical hit is decreased by 42% after each update for all characters who (despite the addition of this new functionality) still insist on mixing purple, pink, and fuchsia."

This means the characters that use ONLY those colors, right? I recently made a new character after being away for a long while, but before reading all the updates, and picked one of the random color schemes. It uses purple, pink, and fuchsia for the clothes and hair, but the skin and backpack are a different...
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When you go out looking for new gear, what do you just HAVE to have? Or NOT have?? What is an absolute deal breaker for you if it's there/ not there?

For me, I just HAVE to have +Range. I've been spoiled something fierce. If I don't have SOMETHING adding Range at the end of it all, I'm a very, very, very, VERY upset little Osa. And +Ap. And if it takes away Int, it gets thrown into a volcano right then and there.  
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Are there any others out there that name their summons? If so, what are they?

I've got Lyude/Luke/Lloyd/Lucas (tofus, in order of summoning), Bob (gobball), Frank (crackler), Dr. Moxy (bwork), and Skittles (wyrmling).
The prespic doesn't have a name because I never use it (and I fed it to Skittles). And I rarely use the boar so I just call it 'Bacon' or 'Pig' or 'FREAKING STUPID THING THAT WANTS ME TO DIIIIE'. Y'know. Whatever's appropriate.