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Member since 2017-11-17


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Last login: 2018-10-07


Peppunz Huppermage Lvl 84 Remington
Hidamai Eliotrope Lvl 26 Remington
Tsouko Osamodas Lvl 14 Remington

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By poiuyt1234 - 2017-07-22 23:32:47 in Eliotrope
9 3507
Well, if you are talking about "barrier" in INT, then i don't really suggest you to invest in those two: barrier is for tank classes or, in general, classes whom are going to get hit a lot. So, unless you want a close combat elio, it's not that useful. About initiative, you can easily get it from armours and such, so there's no need to keep a high initiative at high levels... maybe just level 40-? But yet again, there's a passive that gives you initiative, so characteristic points are better spent...
47 2905
oh come on they are nerfing this class a lot, this way.