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I was playing vs xelor and i had on the table Evangeline, Adamai and another minion. In the turn of the rival he kill my adamai, and, at my turn, i try to increase AL with the ocra boost (in spanish, ojo de lince), but i cant do it, evangeline looks untargeteable. No joris on the table and no mute over Evangeline. I cant apply the boost that reduce 1 AL and increase 2 AT.

Thanks for reading!
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I loose vs the top 1 of the ranking (elo+season, near 1600 elo) and i loose 184 rank points, with 1 empty and 1 real dofus break, me about 1200 elo. When i loose vs a similar elo ranked rival i think that im losing about 100 points.
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*Sorry my english*

I want to propose a new system to forbid some neutral cards that has a excesive synergy with a particular god, without need to rework all the god or nerf a card that maybe has a reasonable synergy with another gods. Any god has some exclusive cards, we can add to all neutral cards a nemesis icon that do unable to pick up in a deck for the god icon. With these system, we can add to a gobbal card the sadida and sram nemesis icon, and the another gods can pick gobbal, but sadi...