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Could you please expand Granny Capping's store to include the items needed for the repeatable profession quests that require crafting on Frigost? So that we can buy them with Ice Kama.

* Stunted Rat Fabric
* Crabeye Pincer
* Gullipop Feather
* Still Water
* Woolly Bow Meow Hair
By Paxifix - 2019-09-18 00:34:21 in General Discussion
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Most of my houses on my other accounts seem to have been lost. This surprised me a little. I thought they were only considered abandoned if the account had not been logged into for 6 months or more. Have the rules changed? Or have I misunderstood something? Or have I really been away that long?
By Paxifix - 2019-05-28 23:50:58 in General Discussion
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So my calendar says today (May 28) is Izmar day. Haven't been playing recently but felt I should not let the day pass without some little celebration or commemoration.

Izmar, if you should read this, I hope you're well and happy where you are now. Know that you're remembered and missed.

And to everyone else who remembers, happy Izmar day! I hope you're well and happy too.