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Currently, the only ornament for achievement in professions is an ugly, entry-level brown/bronze one, and it is obtained with the hard work of leveling three professions to 100.

I propose something along the lines of this (I'm just making this so there's some kind of structure to my suggestion, please understand my real suggestion is simply the ornaments per se):

Honorable Craftsman:
Machine! (Craft 1,000 items)
Breadwinner (Reach level 100 in one profession)
Breakdance (make 100...
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I'm incredibly indecisive as it is, and no matter all the classes I've cycled through, I've stuck with a chance enu all the way and it's just about to slip into end game gear. I'm also about to get my str masq into his major trophies, so he's a mid level str masq at level 14x. I have three accounts total. So for the third account, I'm having a hard time deciding what class I should try. I really like the agi element because of the ability to put together a nice custom set, but to try not to be too...