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Gizensha Enutrof Lvl 108 Remington
Furagarakku Sadida Lvl 69 Remington
Pijany Bankier Pandawa Lvl 3 Remington
Kupacju Foggernaut Lvl 3 Remington

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Hello. I need Riktus Scalp to craft weapons, but i can only find Riktuses in group of 1 or 2. That makes getting Scalp really tedious. Took me about 2 hour to get 30( 1 weapon). The drop rate seems lower than stated 25%.

Do anyone know where i can find groups of 4-5 riktuses? Dungeon monsters doesn't seem to drop any. And i am playing on new server, so no one is selling them.
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Can someone enlighten me?
Interested in every lvl ore. Especially Shadowy Cobalt, Bronze Nuggets
By Patryczken - 2012-04-28 17:53:06 in Enutrof
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Don't we?
Rascalary takes too much mp for dmg it deals, and the range is kinda low. I mean if you want to hit 3 times your enemy it will take 3 mp from you and you have to get really close to him (range 5 squares). Imo either improve dmg, remove mp consumption or increase range. One of these changes should be fine. Cutting dmg is too low, purge should do something more beside almost no damage LoS, maybe some debuff on the enemy? increase range by 1 sumth like that. Tax would be fine with +1 range...