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Member since 2008-04-13


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-09-22


Krobak Osamodas Lvl 200 Nox
Barinade Pandawa Lvl 200 Nox
Xillor Enutrof Lvl 200 Nox
Necrophobia Sram Lvl 171 Nox
Ropes Cra Lvl 108 Nox
Mulene Sadida Lvl 1 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

20 1264
15 minutes isn't enough to kill any tanks on nox. I don't want to be here all day either. Maybe you guys could try re-balancing PvP... classes like Feca and Sadida are literally immortal. A full tank pandawa is a 40 hour fight too, but at least they're vulnerable every 3 turns. This guy, btw, using a VPN to log a 2nd account in the battlefield to kill my friends while I'm stuck in this endless 1v1.
21 1462
literally impossible for the 1 nation to win