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Member since 2019-06-11


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Last login: 2019-07-18


Pandawa Lvl 185 Dodge

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I made a post via discord that hasn’t been answered so maybe I will receive an answer here.

I will break up my comments and questions in 3 separate paragraphs.

Power Nerf

I understand the reasoning behind lowering the % power yield in terms of stats specifically it changing from 1:1 to a lesser amount especially with OSA summons being buffed based on a characters build. However what i find controversial is changing the characteristics caps for classes allowing them to reach higher base stats...
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Character name: Pandasaur
Date and time: July 16th 17:52
Map: -80,-45
Server: dodge
Bug description: Unable to access gate through door (tile bugged)

re-downloading app on appstore fixed for some reason

can close
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So this has been an ongoing issue and personally its disheartening to see the markets get destroyed because of lazy players. After doing a lot of research out of jealousy, concern, and just anger for ruining a lot of income I could of had for grinding drops to level professions and make kamas I am really fed up and will be trying to explain and list out why I think these techniques would be a good solution that not only will help prevent bots tearing down the market but really hurt their business.