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Member since 2015-07-28


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Sram Lvl Omega 209 Echo
Very Scary
Sram Lvl 130 Echo
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As the title says, I am unable to take the quests to catch the wanted monsters in srambad, as clicking on them opens some unrelated text scroll. Image for the scroll
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As the title says. I have an iop with 12/5 set. And while the almanax bonus would be nice, because of it I cannot equip professor xa cloak. Thus leaving me with 12/4 or 11/6. Will this issue be fixed, or will people with similar issue will have to live through today?  (I've seen people who use jackanapess complain about this as well) 
By Pagonis - 2017-05-17 19:34:03 in Suggestion Box
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Due to a bug, that happened for the first time and never since, I've managed to get a new look on the tactical mode. Take a look:

I thought it looks pretty neat outside the borders of the map. Though I think inside the fight zone I'd prefer the usual tactical look, unless it's just the colour and not something that blocks the view. But speaking of around the map, the environment gives it a cool look and it does not look as dull as usually. And I've also read a thread where people asked...